If you are a beginner looking for affordable basic driving lessons in Cork, then look no further than MN Phoenix Driving School. We can provide all your Non-EDT Driving Lesson needs in the Cork City and North Cork area. From total beginner driving lessons to lessons for nervous drivers, we can facilitate a package tailor made to meet your needs.

What are basic beginner driving lessons?

These lessons are non-EDT driving lessons. Whilst EDT Lessons are mandatory, these are not compulsory, but they are highly recommended and can save you money in the long run.

Many students book these lessons to supplement the EDT programme. They provide a great way to improve your driving confidence, make sure that your driving is of the highest possible standard, and give you the best chance of passing your RSA driving test.

Why would I need Non-EDT driving lessons?

The RSA does not mandate non-EDT driving lessons, but a lot of people do benefit hugely from these lessons. The EDT Syllabus is very prescriptive and involves 12 one-hour driving lessons designed to improve learner drivers’ practical driving skills and teach you the core skills needed to drive safely and pass your RSA test. The structured and focused nature of the EDT driving lessons may not be comfortable to some drivers who would prefer to take a bit more time to get used to the car and nuances of driving.

The type of people who benefit from our beginner lessons includes drivers with no access to a sponsor, drivers who want to familiarise themselves with driving before EDT lessons or learn to drive in the first place, drivers returning to the road after a long period of absence, and nervous drivers who have lost confidence in their driving ability (e.g. following a driving accident).

The lessons are particularly useful for any driver who has no access to a sponsor.

The RSA recommends that each student completes an extra three hours for each EDT Lesson with a sponsor. A sponsor can be a father, mother, sibling, friend or workmate, who has held a current full driving licence for a minimum of two years. But if you struggle to find a sponsor to help you with your driving lessons then who better to support you than MN Phoenix Driving School’s own RSA Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).

We will work with you to agree a programme that gives you the best possible chance of passing your driving test. Our driving lessons will help you to improve your driving skills and confidence, and when you complete the basic course you may even benefit from a reduction in your driving insurance premium.

Can’t thank Michael enough for teaching me how to drive and helping me get from no experience in driving to passing my driving test! From day 1 he trusted me behind the wheel and his calm approach meant that I never felt nervous. He was always flexible to meet me in Cork City. By the time my test was coming around I’d known the routes inside out, what to expect and how to do everything correctly! Thanks again Michael.

Darren C

Beginner Lessons Summary

Tailored to your needs
Potentially reduce your insurance
IRISH Not compulsoryLICENCE
Boost your confidence and chances of passing your driving test
Great if you are looking to improve your overall driving standard

I have passed my driving test today at Wilton test center and it was my first attempt. Thanks to Michael for guiding me throughout the EDT and Pre-test lessons. Micheal is a great instructor and gave me valuable tips. My driving improved a lot after driving with him and gave me enough confidence to crack the test. Nicola was a great help for scheduling lessons suitable to me. I strongly recommend Michael for your driving lessons.

Abhijith P

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