Before booking lessons, please ensure that you have read, understood and accepted these Terms and Conditions.

1. MN PHOENIX DRIVING SCHOOL operate a strict 48-hour lesson cancellation policy for driving lessons being cancelled. Should the required 48-hour cancellation notice not be given, then a fee will apply, or if paid in advance, the fee will be deducted from the amount paid. 2. For all advance driving lesson payments, there is a cooling off period of 14 days from the payment date. If any driving lessons have been completed within the first 14 days, then the charge for such driving lessons will be the full price of a 2-our driving lesson. 3. If MN PHOENIX DRIVING SCHOOL find it necessary to cancel a lesson, we will do our utmost to provide as much notice as possible to the student. We will do our best to re-arrange the lesson with the student, as soon as possible. 4. If a student is late for a driving lesson, the maximum the instructor is obligated to wait, is 5 minutes. After that time, M N Phoenix Driving School, reserves the right to forfeit the lesson and a fee will apply. If lessons have been paid for, in advance, the fee will be deducted from the amount paid. 5. M N PHOENIX DRIVING SCHOOL reserve the right to use a dash cam in the instructor’s car, for the safety of the instructor, the student and other road users. It may also be used for training and quality purposes. 6. The student is, under no circumstances, permitted to handle a mobile phone, whilst driving. Occasionally, the Instructor may have to use the mobile, but this will only be in very exceptional cases. 7. For obvious, Health and Safety reasons, M N PHOENIX DRIVING SCHOOL reserve the right to terminate or cancel a driving lesson if a client is suspected of being under the influence of any alcohol or other substance. 8. Please be aware – all driving lessons must be paid for before any lesson commences. All driving lesson packages paid for in advance, must be completed within a 6-month time frame. 9. Prices for M N PHOENIX DRIVING SCHOOL Driving Lessons, including our excellent value 6 and 12-hour packages, can be found at 10. M N PHOENIX DRIVING SCHOOL will provide the EDT Lesson Logbook, free of charge, if the student has paid for a 6 or 12-hour package. For students wishing to avail of the Pay as You Go, option, there will be a €5 for the EDT Lesson Logbook. 11. M N PHOENIX DRIVING SCHOOL, reserves the right to refuse and/ or withdraw the offer of Hire of the Driving School car for the student’s Practical Driving Test, if the instructor assesses at any stage, to the best of his/her judgement, the student is not at Practical Driving Test Standard or poses a risk to his / her own safety or the safety of others. 12. In order to use the M N PHOENIX DRIVING SCHOOL CAR for a Practical Driving Test, the student must have completed a minimum of 6 (six) hours, lessons, in the instructor’s car. These lessons must be within one month of the Practical Driving Test Date. Please note, under no circumstances do any of the 12 EDT lessons or 6 Reduced EDT lessons, count towards these 6 hours.


Before the start of each lesson, please be aware of the following measures that are in place, to keep ourselves and our students, safe. 1. Before each lesson, a text will be sent to the student, confirming that they are feeling well, that they have no symptoms of Covid 19 and that they have not, to the very best of their knowledge, been in contact with any one, who has been infected by Covid 19. 2. Before the lesson begins, your temperature will be scanned. If it is outside the normal range, the lesson will not proceed. 3. You will then be asked to place your belongings in a plastic bag / box in the boot. 4. You will then be required to thoroughly sanitise your hands, using the sanitiser provided and wear a mask. You must provide your own mask for the Driving Lesson. You may wear gloves, if you wish but they must be the disposable variety and freshly put on at the same time as your face mask. 5. At the end of your lesson, you will be provided with a bag in which you should safely and responsibly dispose of your PPE Equipment. 6. Your EDT Logbook cannot be signed or stamped by the Instructor, at this time (until guidance is given to the contrary). However, be assured, your lessons will be logged on to the RSA EDT Portal, within 24 hours and you will be given instructions on how to manage your logbook, yourself.
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