Why choose M N Phoenix Driving School for your Reduced Essential Driver Training (EDT) Lessons?

Michael, has been very successful in delivering the new Reduced EDT Lessons, since they were introduced, in January 2019.

You will find his lessons are well-planned, expertly delivered, and always tailored to your specific needs and style of learning. Because of Michael’s practical approach and relaxed style of teaching, your confidence will grow and you will make swift progress in gaining and mastering the skills needed, not just to pass your test but also to become a safe and considerate driver into the future.

Nicola will take your calls, make bookings and answer queries. This ensures that you always have Michael’s uninterrupted and undivided attention, during your lessons.

What is Reduced Essential Driver Training (EDT)?  

The reduced EDT programme is a mandatory driver training programme for drivers from outside of Ireland who currently hold a valid full car licence but come from a country who does not have a licence exchange agreement with Ireland. It is available to people visiting or living in Ireland who hold foreign driving licence that is was not issued by a recognised state.

Our reduced EDT programme is a condensed version of the regular EDT plan. It is an alternative to the standard EDT plan which involves 12 hours of lessons usually taken one hour per day. Most MN Phoenix Driving School students complete the reduced EDT programme in a couple of days; however, this is just an average, and you can choose to spread the lessons out over a longer duration if preferred.

Only RSA Approved Driving Instructors such as M N Phoenix Driving School can deliver the reduced Essential Driver Training programme.

Mikey is a very good instructor. I got my lessons from him and he was very kind and patient, giving me a lot of suggestions and help. A notice from Mikey and his wife, reminded me what I should pay attention to before test. I passed my test today and what he told to me was exactly what the examiner told me after my test. Strongly recommend!

Mangguo L

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Who is eligible for the Reduced Essential Driver Training (EDT) programme?

People visiting or living in Ireland who hold foreign driving licence have a couple of options depending on where their licence originated. The third option listed below is where you can benefit from booking Reduced EDT programme.

1. Your driving licence was issued by an EU member state or an EEA member state

Firstly, if you have a driving licence issued by an EU/EEA member state, you can drive in Ireland if your existing licence is valid. It is also possible to exchange your driving licence for an equivalent Irish driving licence when it expires, but you must do so within 10 years of your driving licence expiring.

EU and EEA member states covered are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.

2. Your driving licence was issued by a recognised state

Secondly, it is possible to exchange a driving licence issued by certain recognised states for an Irish driving licence. Ireland has agreements with other ‘recognised’ countries/states for the purposes of driving licence exchange. These are Australia, Canada (British Columbia, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario Provinces) Gibraltar, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Japan, Jersey, New Zealand, South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan.

If you hold a valid driving licence issued by a recognised state, you can drive in Ireland for up to one year when visiting. However, if you become normally resident in Ireland, you should subsequently exchange your driving licence or begin the process of applying for an Irish driving licence.

See the National Driver Licence Service (NDLS) website for more information.

3. Your driving licence was NOT issued by a recognised state

Finally, if you are not from any of the above countries, (for example, United States of America, Brazil or India), and you hold a national driving licence and an international driving permit from your own country, you can drive in Ireland for up to 12 months. However, if you stay in Ireland for over 12 months you will need to apply for an Irish driving licence, but you will need to go through the full driver licensing procedure.

So, if the country that issued your driving licence is not a recognised state listed above, you cannot exchange your licence for an Irish licence. Instead you will need to go through the full driver licensing procedure. We’ve outlined the process below, if you are unsure get in touch and we will be happy to advise. 


First you must complete a driver theory test and apply for an Irish learner driving permit.


After you have a learner permit you can choose to take six essential driver training (EDT) lessons instead of the usual 12 .


When you complete this reduced EDT programme, you will be eligible to take the practical part of the Irish driving test.


If you pass your driving test, you will be issued with an Irish driving licence.

What does Reduced EDT involve?

The reduced EDT programme is six one-hour driving lessons. It will teach you some of the most vital driving skills and help you to continue driving safely by improving your knowledge and understanding of road safety in Ireland. 

RSA recognise that foreign drivers already have driving experience, but the driving environment in Ireland may differ (driving on the left-hand side of the road, sitting on the right-hand side of the vehicle and rules such as turning left on a red light). The Reduced Essential Driver Training (EDT) course is therefore designed to recognise your existing knowledge, but to help you to continue to be a safer driver. Our Reduced EDT Course provides you with a basic standard of driving skills and prepare foreign drivers for their Irish driving test and for driving confidently and safely on Irish roads.

Those who quality for the Reduced EDT programme receive an exemption from EDT lessons 2,3,4,8,11 and 12. When you book a Reduced EDT programme with M N Phoenix you will therefore take the following mandatory lessons:

EDT Lesson 1. Car controls and safety checks

EDT Lesson 5. Correct positioning 2 (more complex situations)

EDT Lesson 6. Anticipation and reaction

EDT Lesson 7. Sharing the road

EDT Lesson 9. Changing direction 2 (more complex situations)

EDT Lesson 10. Speed management

Exemption from the 6 Month Rule

If you qualify for the Reduced EDT programme, it may also be possible for you to take your driving test without having to wait for six months. For further information click here.

Mr. Michael Griffin is a fantastic driving instructor – patient and dedicated. He knows exactly when to praise and when to point out mistakes, so that I got self-confidence, together with the driving skills. He didn’t teach me just how to drive, more importantly he taught me how to judge the traffic. I realised that I had developed many bad driving habits but following Mr. Griffin’s instructions, improvement was visible after each single lesson. As a result, I passed my driving test first time and more importantly, I now drive much more safely than before we met. What great teachers do, is: they do not simply give you a fish but they teach you how to catch it. In the field of driving knowledge, Mr. Griffin will not teach you just driving skills. He will teach you how to be a safe road user, both for yourself and also for other road users.

Biljana T

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Reduced Essential Driver Training
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