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Why choose M N Phoenix Driving School for your Essential Driver Training (EDT) driving lessons in Cork?

Michael, specialises in delivering Essential Driver Training (EDT) Lessons. Whether you are an experienced driver, who has only just got round to taking the mandatory lessons or a total novice, you will find he is professional, patient and precise. With his relaxed, encouraging style of teaching, you will soon be at your ease and driving confidently and safely.

His lessons are tailored to meet your individual needs, regardless of age, gender or previous experience.

With Nicola taking your calls, making bookings and answering queries, you can be confident that you will have Michael’s uninterrupted and undivided attention, during your lessons.

What is Essential Driver Training? (EDT)

Essential Driver Training (EDT) is a mandatory training course for all new drivers in Ireland. Every learner driver must undertake the EDT Lessons prior to taking your driving test. Although there is an exemption is if your first learner permit was issued before 4 April 2011.

At M N Phoenix Driving School our RSA Approved Driving Instructor provides EDT lessons that teach learner drivers all the fundamental driving skills needed to drive on Irish roads and pass your driving test. EDT Lessons are part of the RSA’s Graduated Driver Licensing scheme and completing your essential driver training course will help you to understand what it means to be a better safer driver, practice your driving skills in a structured way that is focussed on your own learning needs and make you a better safer driver.

Why do I need to book Essential Driver Training (EDT) Lessons?

The RSA introduced Essential Driver Training (EDT) to help improve driving knowledge, skills and behaviours of new drivers. There are two main reasons for you to take Essential Driver Training (EDT) Lessons.

Firstly, EDT sessions are mandatory if the issue date of your first car learner permit (B category) is on or after 4th April 2011. You cannot sit your full driving test until you have taken the lessons.

Secondly, you may still choose to book an EDT course even if you are not required to complete EDT, because our Essential Driver Training (EDT) Lessons will help increase your chances of passing the driving test and will help make you a better safer driver.

I was a horribly anxious driver when I first began and at the start had a couple of experiences which made me very nervous about certain driving situations, such as hills. Michael was always calm, always reassuring, and really helped me calm the nerves in my EDT lessons and pre-test lesson – after which I sailed through my test. 🙂 thank you to Michael and Nicola for all your help. (Laura A)

Laura A

What does Essential Driver Training (EDT) involve?

The Essential Driver Training (EDT) course involves 12 one-hour driving lessons designed to improve learner drivers’ practical driving skills and teach you the core skills needed to drive properly and safely.

Although you may have an experienced driver (e.g. family member) to supervise your driving practice outside of sessions, EDT can only be delivered by an RSA-approved instructor, an ADI. M N Phoenix Driving School’s Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) – Michael has successfully provided Essential Driver Training (EDT) Lessons to hundreds of satisfied learner drivers across Cork.

The RSA will issue you with a EDT Logbook which you must bring to each lesson. Our Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) will record your progress by signing off and stamping the logbook at the end of each driving lesson.

Michael is an incredible instructor. I had been driving for a little while before doing my EDT lessons but improved a huge amount after doing the lessons with Michael. Using everything he showed me and helped me with, I was able to pass my test the first time in Wilton. Thanks for everything.

Derek C

What do the 12 EDT driving lessons cover?

Each EDT Lesson has particular objectives. We will help you prepare for each session on the EDT course syllabus which is broken down below. 

EDT Lesson 1:
Car controls and safety checks
EDT Lesson 2:
Correct positioning 1
EDT Lesson 3:
Changing direction 1
EDT Lesson 4:
Progression management
EDT Lesson 5:
Correct positioning 2 (more complex situations)
EDT Lesson 6:
Anticipation and reaction
EDT Lesson 7:
Sharing the road
EDT Lesson 8:
Driving safely through traffic
EDT Lesson 9:
Changing direction 2 (more complex situations)
EDT Lesson 10:
Speed management
EDT Lesson 11:
Driving calmly
EDT Lesson 12:
Night driving

Phoenix / Nicola and Michael are a Dream-team! Nicola was great administrating the lessons, and positive throughout! Michael is simply an amazing instructor. In my mid-30s, driving didn’t come as natural from start, and on top of that, I was asking plenty of questions. He was super patient overall, took away my slight fear of night driving, and thanks to the both of them, I passed my driving test first time. Thank you so much, guys! You rock!

Sandro R

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