Pre-test driving lessons are aimed at learner drivers with a valid learners’ permit, and in addition have completed their EDT syllabus, if required. A pre-test driving lesson is essential for any student who is serious about passing their practical driving test. Test preparation will make the day much less stressful and will increase your chances of passing your driving test. Additionally, any anxieties or nerves will be calmed by knowing you have done all the necessary training and preparation so you will be confident in tackling any situation the tester challenges you with.

If you have been unsuccessful in your driving test, then the best way to get a pass next time is to take additional driving lessons with a driving school that can assess and identify under-developed areas in your driving. This will give you valuable road experience and the confidence needed to tackle your practical driving test.

I was a horribly anxious driver when I first began and at the start had a couple of experiences which made me very nervous about certain driving situations, such as hills. Michael was always calm, always reassuring, and really helped me calm the nerves in my EDT lessons and pre test lesson – after which I sailed through my test. 🙂 thank you to Michael and Nicola for all your help.

Laura A

Why choose M N Phoenix Driving School for your Pre-Test Driving Lessons?

Our Pre-test Driving Lessons are carefully designed to provide learner drivers with the knowledge, skills and tips they require to confidently take and most importantly pass the practical driving test. A Pre-test Driving Lesson is essential for any student that is about to take the Driving Test, whether it be their first or subsequent attempt. The lesson will incorporate the following features:

 Initial assessment to establish the base level
Fault analysis and how to correct these faults
An optional demonstration drive as to how things should be done including all manoeuvres
Practical test preparation
Test Routes explained
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New drivers fail the driving test in areas such as:

• Poor vehicle control and use of foot controls

• Not reacting correctly or promptly to hazards

• Poor judgement in relation to clearance, and anticipation of other road users

• Not taking proper observation emerging at junctions

• Not positioning the vehicle correctly at junctions and roundabouts

• Inability to control the car while observing on the reverse / turnabout manoeuvre

• Not maintaining progress at junctions, roundabouts, on the straight, and when overtaking

• Failure to use mirrors properly and in good time and misleading use of signals

M N Phoenix will address all of the above and guide you through the skills and techniques needed to pass your practical driving test, comfortably and confidently. Additionally, we will ensure that you become a safe and competent driver, able to evaluate and act on hazards in a timely manner and skilfully perform all manoeuvres.

These pre-test driving lessons are created so that you are given a feel for the conditions that you will experience during the RSA Practical driving test. For instance, the M N Phoenix Driving Instructor will take you around the driving test routes of your chosen driving test centre location, that are often used by the RSA driving testers during the test. The lesson will therefore reproduce and guide you through all the requirements and driving test manoeuvres that you will encounter during your driving test.

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M N Phoenix Driving School has had a huge success rate in getting students through their practical driving test. We cover Doughcloyne (Wilton) and Mallow RSA Driving test centres. We pride ourselves on our pass rate, reputation and reviews from satisfied students.

I have passed my driving test today at Wilton test center and it was my first attempt. Thanks to Michael for guiding me throughout the EDT and Pre-test lessons. Micheal is a great instructor and gave me valuable tips. My driving improved a lot after driving with him and gave me enough confidence to crack the test. Similarly, Nicola was a great help for scheduling lessons suitable to me. I strongly recommend Michael for your driving lessons.

Abhijith P

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Pre-Test Driving Lessons Cork and Mallow
Pre-Test Driving Lessons for test centres in Cork and Mallow – you’ll pass your test with confidence following our carefully planned lessons and you’ll be losing them L plates in no time!