Best Driving Instructor in Cork?
We've just had our 149th five-star rating on Google! It highlights the professionalism of Mikey and the school's commitment to providing high-quality driving lessons to all its students
Wilton Driving Test Centre Cork
Click for info on Wilton and Mallow driving test centres waiting times. Book your driving lessons early and get on the waiting list! 
hyundai i10 automatic - great for learning to drive
What are the benefits of learning to drive in an automatic car! We answer all your questions on automatics.
Car driving in bad snowy weather confitions
In this blog post, we share some tips for driving in bad weather conditions, including frost, ice, snow, rain, fog, high winds, and bright sun. By following these tips, you can help ensure your safety and the safety of others on the road during the colder months. We've even included some RSA videos to help!
Learn to drive with M N Phoenix Driving School Cork
We regularly provide Driving lessons in Wilton and can accommodate all your needs. For instance, we offer Beginner (Non EDT), EDT, Reduced EDT, Pre-Test and Refresher Lessons. Whatever you need we will help you to pass your test and also get you on the road and driving with confidence!